Q1.Can I use the service from any country in the world?

A. Yes, our service is worldwide.

Q2.What's included in Japan Fan Club Agency Fee?

A. Handling fee and shipping fee of membership card and goods sent from official fan club are included.
Also, if the goods delivered from the official fan club are too heavy and big, we will charge extra fee for shipping.
We will contact you before we ship the item.

Q3.How long will I be a member of Fun clubber/official fan club?

A.The membership of Fan Clubber/official fan club will last for a year.

The flow of joining Fan Clubber/official fan club is here.

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Q4. When will packages sent from the official fan club shipped?

A. We will ship the packages right after we get them.

Q5.I can't find the artest I'm interested from in the list.

A. Please contact us from the join/order/contact form, and we will check if it's possible to join the fan club.

Q6. Do the shipped packages have insurance?

A. AIR & SAL have insurance up to 6,000yen.
EMShas full insurance.
Fedex doesn't have insurance.

To see more detail, please check each official website.

Q7.Are forwarded mail magagines in English?

A. It's in Japanese.
Basically, we wil forward the original mail magazines from the official fan club directly to you.
However, we have the optional service for translating from japanese to English.

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Q8.How Fan Clubber's service works, if the official fan club terminates because of the      artist or the band hiatusing or splitting up?

A. We will terminate the service of the official fan club regardless of the memebership's expiration date.

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