Get a concert ticket of your favorite artists!!!

Would you like to go to a concert/live/tour of your favorite artists?
We will help you purchase tickets!

We have been helping foreign people for their favorite band's concert for more than 3 years!
We will help you apply for tickets, fix all the transaction process, then deliver to the place you want.(Either the address of your country or hotel in Japan.)

We will get the handling fee only if we win tickets which we apply for you so there is no risk for you.
Even if we lose the ticket(if the ticket is a lottery style), we will find you tickets by using our network.
So far, we have succeed in getting tickets for the rate of 100%!

For the furthur information, please contact us through the join/order/contact form.

We are looking forward to help your dream come true!

Service For Purchase

4. For buying live tour tickets.

Details Price
Tickets Fee with delivering fee to Fan Clubber Original price
Shipping Fee Actual price
Handling Fee per item 5,000yen
Total Sum of above

3. For buying Official Fan Club Goods

Details Price
Goods Fee with delivering fee to Fan Clubber Original price
Handling Fee per item 30% of above
Shipping Fee Actual price
Total Sum of above

Translation Service

5. For getting mail magazines translated.

Details Price
Handling Fee per one mail magaiznes 1,000yen

Booking Service

6. For getting Japanese hotels booked.

Details Price
Fee for actual price of the hotel Actual price
Handling Fee per one booking 1,000yen

Please e-mail us the name of the hotel you would like to stay.
If you have any questions or requests to the hotel, please write them in details.
We will contact the hotel, and if you are ok with the conditions, we will book the hotel and forward the information to you e-mail.

*We can't have any responsibility of the trouble in your stay at the hotel.

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