About Fan Clubber!

About our service

Nice to meet you, everyone!

Fan clubber is an agency which helps joining the Japanese official fan club for foreign & Japanese people living abroad.

The main services we provice are below.

1) Joining the official fan club.
2) Forwarding the membership card, goods, mail magazines sent from the fan club.
3) Buying official fan club goods for members and forwarding.
4) Buying pre-sales live tour tickets and forwarding.
5) Translating mail-magazines from Japanese to English.
6) Booking hotels for the live tour in Japan.

We are planning to increase our service more for Fan Clubbeer Members.

Because you live outside Japan,

You can't join the Japanese official fan club...
You can't buy live tour tickets for your favorite artist...
You can't buy official fan club goods...
You can't get the latest information for your favorite artists...
You can't get enough information because you can't read Japanese...

Fan Clubber will be more than happy to help you realzize your wishes!

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About US

Fan clubber is run by an trading agency LoveJapan.

We are fluent in Japanese, English, Swedish.
If you are looking for any Japanese products and Japanese services except for joining the fan club, feel free to contact us.
We would be happy to help you out with confidence and responsibility.

Located in Fukuoka, Japan

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