Welcome to Fan Clubber!

*Dear customers living abroad*

Haven't you given up joining Japanese official fan club of your favorite artists because you live abroad?


-Want to join the official fan club in Japan!
-Want to go to the live tour of your favorite artists!
-Want to buy the official fan club goods!
-Want to get the latest information!
-Want to read official mail magazines in English!
-Want to book Japanese hotels for live tours!

Fan clubber will help you realize your wishes.

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Artist Info

Fan Clubber supports you for joining the official fan club in various artiests and bands.

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Price List

Fees needed for using Fan clubber.

-For joining Fan Clubber/official fan club.
-For buying official fan club goods.
-For buying the live tour tickets.
-For getting mail magazines translated.
-For getting Japanese hotels booked.

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How to Join/Order

How to join Fan Clubber/official fan club and order items.
-Join Fan Clubber/Japanese official fan club!
-Buy the official goods!
-Buy the pre-sale live tour ticket!
-Contact Fan Clubber

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How to make a payment and get items shipped.

-We accept PayPal for the payment.
-We ship by Air,SAL,EMS,Fedex.
(What we use above depends on items.)

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Here is the common questions.

Please check here before conctacting us.
If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact us from the join/order/contact form.

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